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Social Responsibility >> Warming time in the biggest snow

From Nov 6, 2015, Our province suffer biggest snow, it lasts more than 5 days, elder man tell us it’s biggest snow in the last 50 years, the snow had up to the knee in the street. The big snow break some electric line outside on the street, which makes one of the geracomium lack electric in the snow time.

Our Manger Mr Liu know that the geracomium a little far from city, so there is no hot water warming system, all their warming reply on electric. Our company also can’t work due to the so big snow, we bought 60 cotton quilt and bring to the elder immediately at that afternoon.

There are total 316 elder in the geracomium, we know our quilt is not enough for all of them, our colleagues spread the news to their friends system by wechat and QQ zone, this way will bring more and more donators to help them. Thanks for everyone!

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