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Social Responsibility >> Bring 20 balls to Rural students

Tianhuang Town located at East of Zhoucheng city, most of the town are mountain area.  One of our colleague once climb the mountain at weekend, he find one village named Guaizihe at the deep of one valley, this village seems too closely to the outside world, which total different with city living, but these children also like to play, they know the football and basketball on TV, but there is no ball in the village.

When he bring the story to our company next monday, we plan donate 10 football and 10 basketball to the children, at Dec 13, 2015, 3 of our colleagues visit the village again, it need 3 hours by car from our company, our 3 male colleague train them how to form a team to play with balls at that weekend's afternoon. They remind us of our children's time, we also pleasure to help them in the balls.

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