condom production line

Production line main machines and procedures:
Mixing equipment — Forming & shaping equipments — Post vulcanization equipments — Electric pinhole testing equipments—Packing equipments — Testing equipments

Three-time latex dipping condom production line Technical Parameters (one line):
Shape dimension(L×W×H): 52.2m X 3m X 3.9m
Main motor transmission: 2.2KW X 3 Sets
Thermal energy consumption (steam): 1T/h
Installed capacity: 70KW
Water consumption: 6T/h
Chain length of production line: 182m
Mould space: 80mm
Chain linear velocity: 0~12m/minute
Quantity of moulds: 4,500pcs
Productivity: 350,000pcs/24h
Soft water: 10MT/24h

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