How to Avoid the HIV Transmission

HIV cannot be transmitted except when certain body fluids are exchanged. You can greatly reduce the risk of transmission by the following ways,

Using the condom for each time sex.

Knowing your HIV status so you can take steps to avoid spreading HIV if you are living with HIV; for more information, see our fact sheet on HIV Testing.

Having unprotected sex only if you and your partner are both HIV-negative and in a monogamous relationship

Abstaining from sex

Not injecting drugs

Using new or clean needles and other equipment for any injections

Staying on your HIV drug regimen if you are living with HIV. This will keep your viral load as low as possible. Keeping your viral load low will reduce the risk of your passing HIV to others (sexual partners, mother-to-child). This is often referred to as taking HIV treatment as prevention.

You do not need to be afraid of getting or passing HIV by casual contact. Remember, HIV is not transmitted by: Hugs, Dancing, Sharing food or drinks, Using a toilet, shower, bath, or bed, Kissing (between people with no significant dental problems), Sharing exercise equipment, Bug bites. Custom brand condom supplier, Email: