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Company News >> How you check the condition of condom

Do you know how to check a condom to make sure it is safe to use and have more pleasure? The followings are the conditions which can help you.

Durability: For obvious reasons, durability is the first one quality which customers are looked for. Many users noted how stretchy their condoms were and told that they could fit their fists inside the condoms without any risk of tearing. The top best condoms reviews stated that no matter how long they used a condom, no breakage has been met.

Sensitivity: Some people balk at condom use because it may reduce sensitivity as compared to skin-on-skin contact. However, some users said that best condoms were as close as it gets to natural feeling sensitivity. Both male and female users gave positive reviews for condoms that increased sensation and gave a feeling similar to that of skin-on-skin contact, but with the benefit of protection. And some condoms can even increase the sensitivity such as textured condoms and spike condoms.

Comfort: Male users are adamant about condoms which are not tight or constricting. Many stated that even when using a condom of the right size, they can be uncomfortable and restrictive.  Top best condoms are offered comfortable and easy to put on and use, which is an important characteristic to keep the mood going.

Storage: Satisfied clients are impressed by how well their condoms stored in place. The top best condoms did not slip down or shift at all during use. This is important because slippage is an inconvenient interruption that can result in ineffective protection.

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