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Condom News >> What material are the condoms made of?

Usually male condoms are made of thin latex – a form of rubber. The polyurethane condom material is also available, which can be used by those who are allergic to latex, and in recent years a polyisoprene variety has been developed.

There is also a sheath made from lamb’s intestines, but it is not very easily obtainable, and can’t prevent STIs and HIV.

Recently, condom industry has developed a new form of latex condom in which allergenic proteins have been removed. Many condoms have a coating of an unobtrusive lubricant – to make penetration easier.

Flavored condoms are intended to increase the fun of foreplay, and are mainly used for oral sex.

Some brands of condom contain spermicides, but these chemicals can occasionally cause allergies.

A development of the late 20th Century was a German condom which contains local benzocaine on the inside, designed to combat premature ejaculation. Our experience has been that it's certainly no cure.

Caution: the benzocaine can cause a sensitivity reaction in the skin of the man's penis. If it leaks out, it can also cause a sensitivity reaction in the woman.

Ribbed or dotted condoms are moderately popular; they have ridges/dots which are supposed to offer the woman more pleasure.

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