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Condom News >> The way to finish your custom condom design artworks?

Our Classic condoms are ISO and CE certified lubricated condom packed in a foil. On one side of the foil you can have a full color print of your own logo and message . The foil is available in white, silver and golden. Create your own design and/or choose to combine the condom with one of our condom wrappers or condom pouches. If you design by yourself, please not the following information.

  • The lines shows where the cuts are going to be made. So please be careful with any info/text close to these lines. Make sure your design fits the red line and your text is within the line with a margin of 3mm.
  • Color mode: Use CMYK mode for your design
  • Message: Be sure to revert all words to outlines or enclose the font with your order.
  • Resolutions: All designs and images need to be 300 dpi at real size (design at 100%). Lower resolutions can result in poor results and higher will only increase the document size.
  • Send us your artwork in PDF format and in the Adobe PDF presets select High Quality Print and in the options check the box that says Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilities.
  • Accepted File Types:.

After you finish your design, please send us. We can accept file format  PDF, PNG and JPEG. We don’t accept low resolution JPEG or PNG files. Now you are easy to get your own brand condom. Email: linda@oemcondoms.com

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