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Condom News >> Help you know more about condom brands, condom prices and condom sizes.

There are kinds of condom brands are available worldwide. Such as Durex, Playboy, Trojan Condoms, Lifestyles, and Okamoto. Those are all famous condom brand in the market which supply high quality condoms. Almost all of their condoms have the same width (52mm), which is basically an average size, but they are different in style (different textures, flavors, lubricants, and shapes).

Condoms are mostly sold in 3 pack boxes, while a few brands offer a bigger 10 Pack, 12-pack. A 3-pack will cost you anywhere from around $1 to $2.70. Durex condoms are the most expensive, followed by Okamoto, while condoms from Playboy and Moods are the cheapest condoms.

About the condoms sold here is that every box, it is vital piece of information displayed on the back — the width of the condom. You must know how that number is measured and why it’s important to consider it when choosing a condom.

The condom sizes are ranged from 49mm in width (measured flat) up to 56mm. You can see all the condoms and their measurements in the size. OEM types of condoms factory, Custom private label condom manufacturers. Email: linda@oemcondoms.com

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