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Condoms have different sizes and shapes. Condom size is normally presented as the width of the condom at the base or ring when it is laid flat, which is half the circumference (girth). If the condom is too small it could be uncomfortable and may easily break, and if it is too large it may slip off. For both comfort and protection, choose the perfect one for yourself. Condom manufacturers may only indicate the diameter or width. It can require some experimentation to find the condom which fit you most comfortably.

Condoms are often made of latex. There are a variety of different shapes, colors, textures, and flavors of condoms available which can actually increase the romance of the sexual activity. Try to select and use a quality condom whenever possible.

Condoms also have expiration date, resulting in impairment of the tenacity. Exposure to intense heat and light will also accelerate aging of the rubber, thus weakening the tensile strength and affecting its overall function. Do not buy condoms displayed under decorative light and sunlight in the shop. Condom should be stored in a cool place. They should not be stored in places where they may be exposed to frequent pressure and friction, e.g. the wallet or the back pocket of trousers.

Do not buy condom in damaged or old packaging, or those which are expired or without imprint date of manufacture or validity. Condoms stored for too long, no longer elastic, sticky or damaged should not be used.

Beware of the risks of buying damaged condoms. Some condom suppliers put anti-shoplifting devices that contain metal strips inside the package of condom products. If condoms or their individual packages are broken by the metal strip, do not choose the condoms. OEM condoms manufacturers, custom brand condoms suppliers, OEM brand condoms. Email: linda@oemcondoms.com

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