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Condom News >> Textured condoms can heighten sexual pleasure

Ribbed, studded, and other textured condoms can heighten sexual pleasure. Some condoms have extras layering the inner surface for the wearer to feel; others have them covering the exterior for the partner's enjoyment. Moreover condoms are now available as shaped or anatomic, or have a baggier tip, mainly to increase the wearer's sensation, comfort, and confidence (for a better fit so that they won't slip off). In any case, these condoms have the potential to enhance sensitivity during vaginal or anal sex. For some people, using these special condoms during intercourse does increase pleasure; others may think they help boost sensation, and therefore they did and yet others find the added features too subtle to notice.
Textured latex and polyurethane condoms, usually more pricey than your standard sheath, are as effective against both pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections as classic condoms made of the same material. Many research confirm that condoms are effective when used consistently and correctly.
As each condom is turned on by different sensations or thoughts, test driving a variety of condoms to find them that feels good, fits comfortably, and satisfies you and your partner may be helpful, and fun, too. If you decide to use studded or other specialty condoms. As a condom factory, we can supply you kinds of specialty and fun condoms. Dotted condom suppliers, ribbed condom manufacturers, spike condoms suppliers, funny condom suppliers. Email: linda@oemcondoms.com

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