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Condom News >> What are the advantages of latex Condoms?

 Condoms are usually made of latex. There are a variety of different shapes, colours, textures, and tastes of condoms available which can actually increase the romance of the sexual activity. Latex is popular because it’s extremely strong and elastic, and non-latex materials have different qualities that can affect durability. Polyurethane isn’t as flexible and may break more frequently if used improperly; however, polyurethane is also less sensitive to light and extreme changes in temperature, so it has a significantly longer shelf life. Lambskin condom can expire relatively quickly, while polyisoprene last for about as long as latex.

Latex condom is also much more economical than condoms made from other materials. Lambskin condom is usually the most costly option owing to their rather involved manufacturing process. Polyisoprene and polyurethane products are also relatively expensive, though costs vary by condom manufacturer. Of course, all condoms are a smart investment from a long-term perspective – even the most expensive options are much less expensive than an unwanted pregnancy or a course of antibiotics to treat an STD.

Whatever condom you use, make sure to use it correctly. Store them in a cool, dry place, pay attention to the expiration dates, and use plenty of lubrication to prevent unnecessary friction. Do not buy condoms in damaged or old packaging, or those which are expired or without imprint date of manufacture or validity. polyurethane condoms manufacturers, custom condom manufacturers, OEM condom factory. Email: linda@oemcondoms.com

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