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Condom News >> Help you know the role played by each type condoms

There are many varieties of condoms that are available to increase the pleasure of both the partners. OEM condoms has listed below all types to help you know the role played by each type. Having understood the difference in attitude let us explore the different types of condoms.

Classic condom: Ideal for regular use as it is less expensive

Dots / Ribs condoms : to increase the friction at the entry point of vagina so that the women get orgasm

Super Thin condom: To feel the heat inside so as to have a sensation that is natural

Delay condom: The most widely used condom in Asia as it increases the duration of sex

Flavored condoms: for oral sex and to avoid the odour of latex rubber.

Coloured condom: to enjoy sex with different colours of motivation

Glow in dark condom: Great fun and excitement for both the partners

Small condom: Basically standard condom that are made available in different sizes as men come in different sizes and shapes

Non-latex condom: Condom for people who are allergic to latex

Female condom: Worn by women and it plays an important role as men do not worry about their sizes and women are in full control of protection. types of condom suppliers. OEM condom factory. Email: linda@oemcondoms.com

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