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Condom News >> Why people like to try Wingman condoms?

A condom with wings will take you special feeling. Once you’ve experienced the benefits, you’ll never want to use other condoms.


When you have a new date, after a night of flirting the big moment finally arrived. The candles are lit. The music is going on. Things are going great and you’re feeling relaxed and in the mood. Until the condoms come out and you’re forced to let go of your partner and switch on the light. To prevent a frustrating experience like this, which makes you more likely to skip the condom altogether, a condom with wings will make you much faster and easier to apply.

  • The Wingman can be applied in one easy motion, in two seconds flat
  • The W logo on the wings makes it easy to wear, even in the dark
  • The Wingman can be applied with one hand, which leaves the other one free for more important things


Sex without a condom is always better. A condom feels less natural and leaves that rubbery smell on your fingers, which is far from sexy. But condoms are the only effective way to protect yourself against STIs and unwanted pregnancies. All the more reason to make using one as pleasant as possible. The Wingman is an ultrathin, supple and odourless condom with a natural feel. The applicator wings mean no hands-on contact. This not only makes the Wingman safer to use, it allowed you to make the condom itself thinner and lower the risk of rips and tears at the same time.


Did you know that ordinary condoms have a 15% failure rate? Product defects account for only 2%, leaving a staggering 13% that is caused by user errors. While condoms have certainly become safer thanks to strict product regulation, their effectiveness depends entirely on how you use them. It’s literally in your hands! Wingman is extra safe condoms. Extra safe condom manufacturers, Best feeling condom suppliers, OEM best condoms factory. Email: linda@oemcondoms.com



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