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Condom News >> What types of condoms are available?

There are many types of condoms. But the two main types of condoms are male and female condoms. A male condom is a sheath that covers the penis. A female condom is a sheath that’s inserted into the vagina. Male condoms are more popular and widely used at present.
Most condoms are made of:
• latex
• polyurethane
• polyisoprene, which is a synthetic form of latex
You can find many different varieties of male condoms. They come in a wide range of:
• sizes
• styles
• textures
• colors
• flavors
Condoms also come in both lubricated and unlubricated varieties. Some lubricated condoms contain spermicide. This substance often contains the chemical nonoxynol-9, which kills sperm. Most doctors recommend that you use condoms that don’t contain spermicide. Some condoms are with benzocaine which will prolong the sex time. Custom condom manufacturers. Email: linda@oemcondoms.com

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