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Condom News >> The advantages of female condoms

Female Condoms are the best prevention tool for HIV, unintended pregnancy, contraception, family planning ,birth control. It also has the following advantages:

• Can increase a woman’s sense of empowerment as she is taking the initiative to protect herself and her partner.
• Men do not have to have / maintain an erection to use Female Condom. Female condom is a good option for men who are unable to maintain an erection while using male condom.
• Males do not have to withdraw right after ejaculation, which may lead to more intimacy when using female Condom.
• Female condom can be inserted ahead of time so there are no interruptions to “spoil the mood”.
• Insertion of Female Condom can be incorporated into sexual play, the partner can watch as it is put in place or can help insert it.
• Female condom provides an option when couple does not want to use the male condom.
• Female condom is not tight or constricting around the penis; some men prefer Female Condom to the male condom.
• External ring rubs against clitoris and increases pleasure for many women.
• The Internal Retainer of Female Condom can stimulate the tip of the penis during intercourse.
•Female condom provides effective dual protection, reducing the worry during sex about pregnancy and STI’s / HIV.

To buy female condoms, we can supply you both polyurethane and latex female condoms. Please feel free to contact with us. Email: linda@oemcondoms.com

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