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Condom News >> Why people are still shy to buy condoms?

Not having sex is the best way to keep from getting an STI, but if using condoms correctly and consistently is a key way to reduce risks. When men used to refer to the condoms as sweets and biscuits just because they were embarrassed to ask for the real thing (pack of condoms), due to weird and myth perception about buying condoms, until this past week when I witnessed what to me was very funny drama at one filling station in the capital where a young man was shy to buy condoms.

There are plenty of things more embarrassing than buying condoms. It can be a daunting task buying your first packet of condoms, but this must be a badge of pride, rather than embarrassing. Most people fear the cashier’s judgmental glances, but enough with that! It’s time to man up, walk up to the counter, chose you preferred brand of condoms and do your things knowing you are on the safe side. 

Buying condom means that you want sex and many aren't comfortable showing it, when in our modern society it really should be as easy as buying toothpaste. Time is now that we start talking to our partner about Condoms. Don't be shy to talk with your partner about safer sex and condoms: For both of you, this is one of the most important things you can have. Email: linda@oemcondoms.com

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