white or private label personal lubricant supplier

Since 2008, the team of OEMcondom. has dedicated themselves to the production of premium, high quality, and long-lasting personal lubricants and condom. As the manufacturer of condom as well as Private Label lubricants, we produce a variety of ISO/CE registered products. Our facilities are ready and able to meet the demands of all our clients, from up-and-coming vendors to multinational distributors. Located in Shandong Province, China, our state of the art ISO/CE compliant manufacturing facility prepares and ships personal lubricants across the globe on a daily basis. Housing our production, shipping, and corporate offices all in one site has allowed us the flexibility to easily meet the needs of a wide range of customers in both China and global markets.

Trusted as a private label personal lubricants partner for more than decades, OEMcondom focuses on a collaborative process that gives you the edge it takes to grow. Welcome email us to custom produce your own label lubricants: Email: sales@OEMcondom.com