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Company News >> Free super strong condoms was supplied in Rio De Janeiro Olympics.

 About 450,000 condoms would be provided for athletes during the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. About 100,000 female condoms will be available for the first time, along with 350,000 male condoms. About 175,000 sachets of lubricants are also being supported. Here is the quantity of condoms provided for each Olympic games:

1988 Summer Olympics, Seoul: 8500pcs

1992 Winter Olympics, Albertville: 30000pcs

1992 Summer Olympics, Barcelona: 90000pcs

1994 Winter Olympics, Lillehammer: 40000pcs

1996 Summer Olympics, Atlanta: 15000pcs

1998 Winter Olympics, Nagano: 36000pcs

2000 Summer Olympics, Sydney: 9000pcs

2002 Winter Olympics, Salt Lake City: 100000pcs

2004 Summer Olympics, Athens: 130000pcs

2006 Winter Olympics, Turin: No record

2008 Summer Olympics, Beijing: 100000pcs

2010 Winter Olympics, Vancouver: 100000pcs

2012 Summer Olympics, London: 150000pcs

2014 Winter Olympics, Sochi: 100000pcs

2016 Summer Olympics, Rio:  450000pcs

From the information that the quantity of condoms supplied in Rio De Janeiro Olympic is three times more than for the London Olympics Games.

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