OEM Condoms Manufacturers

OEM condom manufacturers focus on producing variety of condoms, such as plain condom, dotted condom, ribbed condom, 3in1 condom, ultra thin condom, large size condom, delay condom, flavored condom, colored condom, warming condom, cooling condom, spike condom, lollipop condom, custom brand condoms. We also produce non latex polyurethane condoms of both male and female condom. 

All condoms are 100% electronically tested. The Nominal width is 49mm, 52mm and 55mm, thickness 0.06mm, 0.055mm, 0.045mm, 0.03mm. For polyurethane condoms the thickness can be 0.01mm.

As an OEM condom manufacturer, we focus on producing condoms with customer's own logo and brand on the package. Welcome to inquiry!

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