Liquid invisible condoms

Liquid invisible condoms

Liquid invisible condoms China custom supplier


Product Name:
Liquid condom, invisible condom, Spermicidal Foam, contraceptive gel

Main ingredients
Aloe Vera, Aloe (ammonium chloride (benzene pierced BZK), benzene together (0-9)

Use Instruction:
1: Spray it into vagina.
2: One gel can use at least 30 times.

1: Contraception: the gel can kill the sperm
2: Protection: Blocks HIV, Herpes, Papilloma Viruses
3: Lubrication: it can use as personal lubricants make love more lubricated.
4: Nutrition: it can nutrish vagina more tightly and healthy. 

1: it’s not for oral use.
2: no side effect, so please choose it if you are allergic to latex.
3: it's just a gel, it has condom's function, but it's not come to real condom shape.

if you want to choose for prevent pregnancy, we recommend you choose condom is better.


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