MANGO condoms

MANGO condoms

MANGO brand condom manufacturers, OEM brand condoms factory


MANGO condoms are made from the finest quality latex and adhere to the world's most stringent manufacturing standards.

Packed in new patented easy to open boxes, MANGO Condoms are thin, safe, and comfortable.
The main use of MANGO condoms is to prevent unwanted pregnancy and protect against STD¡¯s

Instructions for use.
1. Either partner can put the condoms on the erect penis during foreplay. Take care to do this to help prevent pregnancy and/or transmission of STis. The foil should be opened at the jagged edge and the condom taken out with care.
2. Check the roll is on the outside, otherwise the condom is inside out. Gently squeeze the teat to prevent trapped air.
3. The condoms can then be put on and rolled down. If it rolls back up during sex, it should be rolled back down straight away. If the condom comes off, use a new one.
4. After ejaculation , the condom should be held In place at the base of the penis before withdrawal. It can then be wrapped in a tissue and put in the bin. Do not flush down the toilet.

Full 100% Safety to use. Welcome to inquiry MANGO condoms. We can make sure our condom quality. OEM brand condoms factory. Email:


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