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 You can find male condoms easily at drug stores, family planning clinics, adult shops and many grocery stores, but female condom always not sell there, only a few drug store maybe have it, it's ... More>>
Here listed 20 funny condoms slogans:

1) Cover your stump before you hump.
2) Don’t be silly cover your Willie.
3) If you think she’s spunky, cover your monk... More>>
In the small African country of Uganda, politicians, police and health workers have been flooded with complaints from Ugandan men of condom size. Their complaint is that the condoms to them are simply... More>>
Over a period of eight hours, 4,367 people received HIV/AIDs testing and counseling in Ethiopia this past November, making this the largest instance of HIV testing to happen in history.

... More>>

In our last 10 years condom exporting work, there too many clients inquiry me if has cheap condom with good quality, I always tell them frankly, No. Why we need say No to cheap condoms?
... More>>
The most majority of condoms on the market today are made of natural latex. Latex can stretch up to 800% in size, which makes it perfect for the heat and friction in sex. Recently, there have been man... More>>
SEX once is forbidden top in public at China, but now government encourage the condom use, because China also face the increase of HIV and other diseases.
This is a class of Beijing university,... More>>

A new erection-enhancing condom product, dubbed "Viagra for condoms," is nearing European regulatory approval and could be on sale in Europe by the end of the year.

A... More>>
China announced the end of controversial one-child policy and said that all couples would be allowed two children – subject to approval from officials. Investors backed a bump in sales for compa... More>>
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