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Have you ever seen how the condom packed in to the foil? Condom which passed the sampling and acceptance quality, will be sent for foiling... More>>
Many condom users even expert users make condom mistakes. One of them is reuse condoms. More than being gross, using the condom inside-out is just not correct. In accordance with the research, four to... More>>
The female condoms are used during intercourse to prevent unwanted pregnancy and help reduce to risk of STDS. Now let’s learn some t... More>>
As a long-well condom supplier, we have many condom distributors. Promoting condom widely available is integral to successful HIV/AIDS pre... More>>
As a condom factory, it is important to store the condom material like latex and other chemical compound.More>>
A new study was found by Notre Dame economists that sc... More>>
The smaller condoms are mostly recommended to men whose penis girth&n... More>>
Russia has banned the widely popular Durex condoms were withdrawn by health department because Durex ... More>>
Each products has its special and own industry standards which may be generic or product-specific. Condom standards are developed and publ... More>>
Our factory is an important part of our success in servicing all condoms. We provide our Mang brand of condoms as well as a wide variety o... More>>
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