About Us

® focus on produce client own brand condom, we also study and manufacture new innovative condoms, such as: polyurethane and polyisoprene Condom, novelty condoms, spike condom, printed condom, long love condom, Lollipop condom, Key chain condom, vibrating ring condoms, etc. Our factory located at Dezhou, Shandong China and started from 2008. As a professional condom producing manufacturer company, we not only approved by ISO13485 and CE certificates, And also in the US FDA 510K application process, we also invest to improve our condom producing facility and technology to grow up our quality up to premium in condom industry.

Professional condom manufacturing and exporting experience make us familiar with all details of condom business. Your condom brand deserve a quality condom factory.

Why you can choose us?

1: Quality: Yes, we only foucs on qualtiy condom production, so our cost also a little higher.
2: Price: Our price not cheap, because quality production's cost higher. we will recommend others factory if you like cheap condom.
3: Fast reply: we always ask our sales reply clients within 10 minutes, and max serve 10 clients each sales, this make them has enough time for each clients.